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Leroy Homer, Co pilot on Flight 93, along with Captain Jason M. Dahl, subdued 911 terrorists and prevented the plane in which they flying from reaching and crashing into U S Capitol in Washington D.C.

On September 11, 2001, Homer was flying with Captain Jason M. Dahl on United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco. The plane was hijacked by four al-Qaeda terrorists as part of the September 11 attacks. While struggling for control of the plane, Dahl and Homer managed to transmit to the ground twice, screaming "Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Get out of here!". After learning of the earlier crashes at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, some of the crew and passengers tried to foil the hijacking and reclaim the aircraft. During this struggle, it crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

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The First Black Airmen to Fly Across America!!!!
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Lieutenant Colonel Merryl (David) Tengesdal - The First and Only Black Woman to Fly the Air Forces Elite U-2 Spy Plane

Coast Guard Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Jeannie McIntosh

9-11 Pilot, LeRoy Homer, First Officer, United Airlines Flight 93

African American Naval History

Additional information about General Daniel "Chappie" James; America's first four star General.

Additional information about Benjaim O Davis

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More History

Cleola's Travel

Carl Brashear

Carl Brashear
First African American Diver

In January 1966, now known as the Palomares incident, a B28 nuclear bomb was lost off the coast of Palomares, Spain after a B-52G Stratofortress of the United States Air Force Strategic Air Command collided with a KC-135 tanker during aerial refueling. Brashear was serving aboard the USS Hoist (ARS-40) when it was called in to find and recover the missing bomb for the Air Force. The warhead was found after two and a half months of searching. During recovery operations on March 23, 1966, a line used for towing broke loose, causing a pipe to strike Brashear's left leg below the knee, nearly shearing it off.

Lieutenant Colonel Merryl (David) Tengesdal

When it comes to stories of espionage and intrigue, Hollywood rarely casts a sister in the starring role. But in real life one Black woman has accomplished what once seemed like mission impossible: Last October Lieutenant Colonel Merryl (David) Tengesdal became the first Black female pilot of a U-2--the legendary stealth planes the U.S. Air Force deploys for risky reconnaissance missions, such as identifying terrorist activities in foreign countries.

Tengesdal, a former naval officer, is one of only five women and three African-Americans to be accepted into the Air Force's elite First Squadron, where U-2 pilots get their training. Now she'll have to withstand the pressure--literally. Solo flights can exceed 70,000 feet and last nine hours, and U-2s, with their tremendous wingspan, are one of the toughest crafts to land.

But Tengesdal has had her sights set high since childhood. Growing up in The Bronx, New York, the Star Trek fan dreamed of being an astronaut. Since then she has boasted an impressive flying career, operating combat helicopters and airplanes for the Navy in the Middle East and South America. In July she'll leave her Lincoln, California, home and be deployed as part of the Ninety-Ninth Squadron to Korea. "You don't see many Black females flying in any service," she says. "I hope this will show young girls that this is an option they can have."

Yes, we can.

African-American women continue to demonstrate professionalism, intelligence and unlimited potential as they contribute to our overall struggle for unlimited freedom, access and opportunity in America.. The sisters on Flights 5202 and 5106 (a jet owned by Atlantic Southeast Airlines) have proven that African-American women can do anything if just given a fair opportunity.

They made history on Thursday, February 12, 2009 as the first all African American female crew.

Pilot Picture

Operated flight 5202 from Atlanta to Nashville and Flight 5106 from Nashville back to Atlanta.

Pilot Picture

The crew included CPT Rachelle Jones, 2nd on right, FO StephanieGrant, 1st on left, FA's Robin Rogers and Diana Galloway!

African American Medal of Honor Recipients

We have assembled Information on almost all of the 86 African Americans who have displayed courage and honor above and beyond the call of duty. For this action, they have been awarded the Medal of Honor by the United States of America. These 86 men, most of whom gave there life defending our Country are the real heroes in this great world of ours. Read read about how each individual performed when the chips were down. It will open your eyes, as it did ours, as we did the research for this section.

US Civil War
(1861 - 1865)

Indian Campaigns
(1861 - 1898)

(1871 - 1898)

War with Spain

World War I
(1914 - 1918)

World War II
(1939 - 1945)

Korean War
(1950 - 1953)

Vietnam War
(1964 - 1973)


African American Military Leaders

Air Force



Naval Aviation

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Naval Surface

Coast Guard

History of African American Marine Officers (Click Here)

We are African Americans (Click Here)

The Absence of General Colin Powell's bio and picture from this page in no way indicates that we do not perceive him as a Real African American Hero. General Powell's career both in the military and the civilian world have both been exemplary and outstanding  by anyone's measure and is thought of very highly by this web site.

However his name is a household word and you will find several articles on him and pointers to other articles about career on our links page.

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